Fire on the Mountain Review Sep01


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Fire on the Mountain Review

We celebrated Peregrine’s birthday with his favorite food: hot wings. We have been to Buffalo Wild Wings, but dislike their dark TV-filled atmosphere. Luckily in Portland there is a local wing place that is suppose to be the best around: Fire on the Mountain, just over the Burnside bridge on the east side. The order-at-the-register restaurant has over a dozen  sauces to toss your wings in.  I tasted a few and decided on Jamaican Jerk and El Jefe, half dozen of each.  I tried the Jerk first, just to make sure I could taste it.  It was great, but I think I would probably go for the spicy peanut chicken wing sauce next time as my cool down option. The El Jefe sauce is the hottest on the menu and let me tell you, it is hot!  I managed to eat 3 before having my family insist I stop.  man sweatingMy nose was running, my mouth drooling from the wings mighty fire sauce and sweat was everywhere.  I gave one to the guy at the next table and I think it ruined him.  Peregrine got Fire on the Mountain’s medium flavored wings and enjoyed them. they have a nice amount of heat, similar to Deschutes Brewery’s wings.  To help cool my mouth we got an order of sweat potato fries.  They were very good, hot crispy and yet tender inside.  Just perfect.  Lesley’s Spicy Peanut Chicken Tender Salad was beautiful and delicious with mandarin oranges complimenting the tangy peanut sauce, though she substituted grilled chicken for the tenders.  smilingI tried a few to see how the oranges would affect restoring the feeling to my mouth, and they didn’t help at all.

We had a fun experience at Fire on the Mountain and I would highly recommend the place when you get a craving for wings.  If you are brave enough to try the El Jefe, maybe everyone in your party should share the experience and just eat one together.

Happy Birthday Peregrine and thanks for bringing us out to this fun and tasty place!