Gilt Club Portland Review Jul28


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Gilt Club Portland Review

Gilt Restaurant WineLast month we went to try Gilt Club Restaurant in Old Town Portland. I had always wanted to review the restaurant since seeing the funny scene in Portlandia about the chicken named Colin. As we did our restaurant review, we were being filmed for some kind of Groupon promotion. You can see the camera lady in the back ground of many of our shots.  We also inadvertently supported the fund-raiser “Bites for Rights,” which I think was for equality for gay, bisexual, and transgender Oregonians.  Good times all around.

Please enjoy my short video of our experience at the Gilt Club.


Here are descriptions of what we ordered:Gilt Club - Lardo

  1. Lardo – is a type of cured pork fat. Gilt Club cures the lardo in- house and serves it on grilled bread with eggplant spread, while is kinda like hummus.
  2. Bib Leaf and Bacon Salad– Served with a green goddess dressing. It was light and delicious.
  3. Pig Face Tacos– Only available during happy hour at Gilt Club.  It is really just a normal taco with pork cracklins instead of steak or chicken.
  4. Chicken Gnocci – They call it Chicken and Dumplings on the menu.  What makes it an incredibly remember-able dish is ingredients like foie gras, morels, tarragon, and truffled chicken broth.  Comfort food that makes you feel like a king.
  5. Flour-less Chocolate Torte– I loved it; and I never love dessert…unless it is a cheese plate and brandy. The balls on top are chocolate covered hazelnuts.
  6. Drinks- Lesley enjoyed a happy hour priced Syrah. I had my usual gin martini.
  7. Soup at the next table- While we didn’t actually try this, just the description from the menu is amazing:  chilled buttermilk soup with savory granola and fried lemons.  Hard to hear in the video but she says, “it’s like eating ice cream.”

We didn’t even put a dent in the menu, so we can’t wait to go back and try other scruptious items and wash them all down with a Moscow Mule cocktail.Gilt club- Martini