The Chipotle 930 Calorie Burrito

Chipotle Mexican restaurant is a favorite for our family.  We love that most ingredients are produced naturally by small non-factory type farmers.  The other day I was really hungry so I decided to order something a little different than the my usual vegetarian spicy burrito. Chipotle’s menu encourages healthy choices by including the calorie rates of ingredients and menu items.  If you don’t know, tortillas are loaded with calories.  Two tortillas can equal the same calories as a whole hamburger.

On the menu they boast that a burrito can have up to 930 calories.  So that is what I ordered.  The Chipotle restaurant staff in the SW Portland location stuffed my burrito with every high calorie item they could think of.  They even gave me my guacamole free just to make sure we hit the burritos 930 calorie mark.  Here is a little video of the experience…

I must say I felt a little weird for about 3 hours after finishing the burrito.  I don’t think I will do that again.  But if you’re down on your luck and need a lot of calories, a Chipotle 930 calorie burrito will keep you going for days.